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What Course Do You Need To Be a Pet Groomer?

So you've always loved dogs and are wondering how you can become a pet groomer?  Spending your days pampering pooches is your dream, but what qualifications and experience do you actually need to get started?

Join us as we discuss your pathways into this rewarding career.

What qualifications do I need to be a pet groomer in Australia?

You actually don't need any specific qualifications to be a pet groomer!

The industry itself is unregulated, so there are no mandated certificates or recognitions required to work as a pet groomer.  There's also no specific courses for setting up a pet grooming business.  It is vital though, that anyone that sells their services as a pet groomer be professional trained.  A vocational course in dog grooming where you can attain the skills and knowledge to be a competent professional pet groomer will be beneficial. There are no licensing requirements to be a pet groomer in Australia, however once established you may consider becoming a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia. 

Do I need to complete a recognised course to be a pet groomer?

Beware of courses which claim to be 'Internationally Recognised'!  Schools simply pay for recognitions as a marketing tactic to demonstrate credibility, but yet they offer no value to you in the pet grooming industry.  Be mindful of this when researching course options, you don't want to be paying expensive course fees for irrelevent accreditations which offer no value to you.

As previously explained, the pet grooming industry is unregulated so you could in fact work a pet groomer without studying at all. What matters is the skills and knowledge you aquire.

When searching for courses for pet grooming you should consider the following;

  • Who has actually developed the content, is it written by a pet groomer?
  • Will you have access to a professional dog groomer when you need help? 
  • What topics are covered? Will you learn how to groom dogs of all breed and coat types or is it just an introductory course?
  • If you're studying online, how long will you have to complete the course?
  • And lastly, what's the price? 

How much do courses for pet grooming cost?

The true answer to this question is anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands! It depends on whether you choose to study a online dog groomer course or learn in a classroom.  Classroom courses are by far more expensive as you'll be paying for the hire of the facilities, a daily rate for the course teacher and often the tools and equipment you'll need as well. 

Online dog groomers courses can be very cost effective options, often allowing you to pay in weekly instalments with the opportunity to study at your own pace.  You'll find a real variety of dog groomers courses online and prices will really vary.  One thing to be mindful of is that more expensive doesn't necesarily mean better quality, so it's important to do your research and make sure that the course you choose is the right fit for you.  If you're being hounded by sales people wanting you to sign up for their course, remember that those high course fees are covering their sales commission! 

What do pet groomers do?

Pet grooming is a popular career for animal lovers as it involves a high level of interaction with dogs.  A dog groomer's daily duties will include bathing, clipping and styling a dogs coat, in addition to trimming nails, cleaning ears and brushing teeth.  As a dog groomer, every day will be different, which is one of the attractions to this role.  You'll build relationships with both client and dog and confidently advise owners on their dogs coat maintenance and health.

Whilst it's a highly rewarding career, dog grooming can also be challenging.  You will be on your feet a lot and it can be physically demanding with lifting, standing for long periods and crouching.  You'll need to be calm and patient when handling different dog breeds and confident and personable when communicating with customers.

How much do dog groomers earn in Australia?

The average annual salary in Australia for a dog groomer is $51,272.  One of the appealing aspects of working as a groomer is the flexibility of the role.  Around 35% of all dog groomers opt to work part time, working only the hours that suit them.  There is a strong growth predicted in the next 5 years, making it a booming industry to join.

source: joboutlook.gov.au, 2021

What career pathways could I take as a dog groomer?

Dog grooming is an attractive career with both employed and self-employed opportunities.  Working as an employed dog groomer with an established business, you won't need to purchase any tools or equipment.  You'll likely be abe to work regular hours and will receive employed benefits such as annual leave, sick pay and superannuation.

Working as a self employed groomer is an exciting and liberating option, offerring you flexibility and freedom. 

You might consider working as;

  • A mobile groomer who grooms dogs in their own home.
  • A mobile groomer who uses a fully equipped grooming van.
  • A groomer from home, setting up a salon in your garage or spare room.
  • A franchisee for a company such as Jim's Dog Wash.

What skills does a good dog groomer need?

Given that you had read this far, it's fair to assume that you're an avid dog lover.  This goes without saying as being the number 1 attribute for good dog groomers.  Aside from the practical skills of a dog groomer, you'll need to be calm, patient and confident.  You'll also need basic knowledge of dog psychology and training and have good business sense.

Ready to start your business?  Become a professional dog groomer in under a year by enrolling with Pet Courses today!

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