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Top Student Reviews



Reviewed 4 months ago

Loved the course Just some of the assessment questions were a little hard to understand what they were trying to ask and how to complete them so they took a little longer.


Reviewed 4 months ago

Excellent course, very good details


Reviewed 4 months ago

A great course providing helpful theory and practical tasks to prepare a prospective groomer for the industry.


Reviewed 5 months ago

I was very happy with this course. If I had questions, I got quick answers. It is great that I can download the informations. The videos were very helpful and felt like a practical units. Easier translation options would be great. I fluently speak German.


Reviewed 6 months ago

excellent course, valuable information and set up in a way that anyone can learn from


Reviewed 7 months ago

I absolutely loved this diploma course.  I think the industry should be regulated as there is so much more to know than just how to groom a dog.  I will send an email as there is more I would like to say about this course.  Its fantastic.


Reviewed 7 months ago

Good introductory course, provides a high level overview of a good range of topics. I liked the multiple choice questions at the end of each module.


Reviewed 7 months ago

I found this course covered so much more information than I expected which is great! I felt like I have learnt a lot and it will so helpful in the future. The final assessment was a great way of going over all the information one more.