Picture for blog Top 5 Tips To Build Your Own Dog Grooming Business

Top 5 Tips To Build Your Own Dog Grooming Business

So you've finally set up your dream salon and can't wait to start grooming dogs, but how do you actually get your name out there to attract paying clients? 

Join us as we discuss our top 5 tips to successfully grow your grooming business.  

Tip 1: Choose your business name wisely

Choosing a business name can be both fun and frustrating.  One of the most important things to remember is that it'll be difficult to change your name down the track, so is an exercise well worth your time.  Try to think about your client and what your business name will mean to them.  Remember, simple names are often the most memorable.

Aside from checking if anyone else is using your business name (this is the frustrating part!), you'll want a name that appeals.  Using generic positive wording will be key. Given that your name is what's used to generate search results, it also makes sense to name your business something that your customers are likely going to be searching for.  You've got two main options here;

  • Using your first of family name, such as Gemma's Georgeous Grooms
  • Choosing a descriptive business name, such as All Fur Pet Grooming


Tip 2:  Step into your clients shoes

What's the best way to find out what your customer wants?  Ask them!  Sounds simple, but it's an important step that so many people forget to take before jumping feet first into business. 

Your market research could be as simple as talking to dog owners.  Chat with people at your local dog park, ask about their expectations on service and price, and of course mention your upcoming business!  Facebook polls are also a great option and if you ask the right questions, can be a great way to flesh out your ideal customer profile.  If you've got a small budget for your market research, you might even consider using a targetted social media ad that invites local dog owners to take your survey.  If you're new to Facebook marketing, Facebook Blueprint has some fast and free self -guided courses that will help you get up to speed.

So what do people want?  The possibilities are endless but your brainstorming might begin with the following;

  • Collection and delivery of dogs
  • Doggy day care services
  • Puppy grooming socialisation visits
  • Dog behaviour guidance and support
  • Drop in nail clipping services


Tip 3:  Don't just set up a Facebook page, optimise it

Setting up a business Facebook page is simple and free and only takes a few clicks.  But displaying your name and address along with a cute doggie profile pic simply doesn't cut the mustard.  The more active and informative your Facebook page is, the more attention it will attract.

Here's some ideas of what you could include;

  • Your about details (opening hours, website, contact number and a brief bio of who you are and what you specialise in).
  • Show pictures of yourself at work to connect with your clients.
  • Use the services tab.  List clear descriptions of your services, prices and grooming times.
  • Enable reviews and encourage clients to give you feedback.
  • Turn on the book now button or sync your page with your appointment management tool.
  • Enable the 'Ask Questions' feature.

It goes without saying that your best content will be your unique videos and pictures.  Remember to always get permission from your client before use and dont annoy your followers by over posting!

Tip 4: Showcase your work in a blog

Creating a blog is a two-pronged approach.  You'll have a great platform to showcase pictures and stories of your grooms whilst at the same time boosting your SEO (search engine optimisation) with your unique, quality content.  Blogs not only drive traffic to your website and promote your services, but also help to build up trust with your potential clients.  What's even better is it that you'll be strengething your social media reach by sharing posts to all your platforms.

Tip 5:  Offer something imaginative that a dog owner wants to be part of

This is what's called, Service Related Marketing.  Simply advertising your grooming services is great and will bring in customers, but advertising a unique and desirable service on top of this will have an even better attraction to dog owners.

  • Freebies! Think free health check on first visit or bonus prizes in a local draw
  • Offer a doggie diet club 
  • A comfy waiting area with free coffee 
  • Create a niche service by specialising e.g nervous or scared dogs
  • Do demos at local events and dog shows 
  • Offer a personalised digital photo with every groom

Ready to start your business?  Become a professional dog groomer in under a year by enrolling with Pet Courses today!

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